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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXXXIV A. Poems, some fragmentary, fragments of a draft for the story 'Basil Howe' (see also references at Add. 73320 B, C) (ff. 6-12), mock examination paper for 1893 (ff. 48v-46v vol. rev.), sketches; circa 1892. Poems include: poem beginning "He left his dust, by all the myriad tread" (ff. 3-5), list 'Lyra Debatica' of poems by Chesterton and E. C. Bentley, of which only the following poem 'The hunting of Rudyard Kipling', appears to have been written (f. 17v vol. rev.), 'Hymn to Galvanicus junior (on the prospect of the proclamation of the winding up of The Debater)' (ff. 24v-23 vol. rev.), 'The white czar' (ff. 25v-25 vol. rev.), 'The unknown god' (ff. 28-27v vol. rev.), 'The prayer' (another version of 'Hymn to the spirit of religion', in Add. 73321 B) (ff. 36v-34v vol. rev.), poem beginning "Two strong men came to the throne of the king" (ff. 52-49v vol. rev.), 'The house of life' (ff. 53v-53 vol. rev.). The poem beginning "He left his dust . . ." is a draft of the poem 'St Francis Xavier', of which there is a final version at Add. 73305 A, ff. 174-175. Text commences at both ends.

ff. 55. 201 x 162mm.

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