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1. ff. 1-65. Correspondence of Chesterton with Lucian R. F. Oldershaw; [1891-1917], n.d. Partly imperfect. For other letters, poems and papers by Oldershaw see Add. 73303 B, passim.

2. ff. 66-151v. Letters, etc., from Frederick Gurney Salter; [1892]-1941. Partly signed. The correspondence for 1912-1914 concerns a case brought by Lever Brothers against Chesterton, for whom Salter acted as solicitor. Includes two printed pamphlets (ff. 87-104v, 117-126v), a letter of condolence of 1936 to Frances Chesterton (f. 147), a card of 1938 to Dorothy Collins (f. 149), and a letter of 1941 to Maisie Ward (f. 150).


  • ff. 1-65 Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw, economist: Correspondence with G. K. Chesterton of Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw: [1891-1917], n.d.
  • ff. 66-80, 85-146 Frederick Gurney Salter, solicitor: Letters, etc., to G. K. Chesterton from Frederick Gurney Salter: [1892]-1914: Partly signed. Partly printed.
  • ff. 81, 112, 133, 147 Frances Alice Chesterton, née Blogg; wife of G K Chesterton: Frederick Gurney Salter, solicitor: Letters to Frances Alice Chesterton from Frederick Gurney Salter: 1911-1936: Partly signed.
  • f. 149 Dorothy Edith Collins, secretary to G K Chesterton: Frederick Gurney Salter, solicitor: Postcard to Dorothy Edith Collins from Frederick Gurney Salter: 1938.
  • f. 150 Maisie Ward, afterwards Sheed; author and publisher: Frederick Gurney Salter, solicitor: Letter to Maisie Ward from Frederick Gurney Salter: 1941.

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