G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. LXXVI (ff. 149). Papers for 'Generally speaki ... 

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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. LXXVI (ff. 149). Papers for 'Generally speaking', 'Ubi ecclesia', two postcards written for the National Portrait Gallery, 'The grave of Arthur', 'Four faultless felons', 'Come to think of it', 'Sidelights' and 'The way of the cross'; [1926-1935]. Mostly typewritten copies.


1. ff. 1-21. Typewritten copies with autograph amendments of articles originally published in the Illustrated London News used as printer's copy for Generally Speaking, published London: Methuen, 1928 (Sullivan, no. 75); [1926-1927]. Very fragmentary. The versos of some leaves bear typewritten copies of letters by Dorothy Collins and working notes for 'A handful of authors'.

2. ff. 22-30. Typewritten copy of Ubi Ecclesia with heading and correction in the hand of Dorothy Collins, sent to Messrs A. P. Watt and Son, 17 July 1929; [1929]. Published London: Faber, 1929 (Sullivan, no. 78). With a cutting of the poem, with amendments, from The New Republic, vol. 60, no. 771 (11 Sept. 1929), p. 95. An earlier draft is in Add. 73359 B.

3. ff. 31-33. Typewritten copy of short biographies of Thomas Carlyle and Robert Browning written for postcards published by the National Portrait Gallery (Sullivan, no. 81, 82); [1929].

4. ff. 34-111. Typewritten copy of the prologue, ff. 45, 63-66 of the third story 'The ecstatic thief', chapters 1-6 of the fourth story 'The loyal traitor', and the epilogue of 'Four faultless felons', originally published in Cassell's Magazine, no. 204, 209 (April 1929, Sept. 1929), The Storyteller, vol. 45, no. 391 (May 1930), and in book form London: Cassell, 1930 (Sullivan, no. 83); [1930]. With autograph chapter headings and amendments in the hand of Dorothy Collins.

5. ff. 112-120. Autograph MS. and three typewritten copies of The Grave of Arthur, published London: Faber, 1930 (Sullivan, no. 84); 1930.

6. ff. 121-125. Typewritten copy of the introduction to Come To Think Of It, published London: Methuen, 1930 (Sullivan, no. 86); [1930].

7. ff. 126-130. Galley proofs of articles on Edward, Prince of Wales, afterw. King Edward VIII, and George Bernard Shaw, originally collected for Sidelights, published London: Sheed and Ward, 1932 (Sullivan, no. 91), but omitted at Chesterton's request; [1932]. Printed.

8. ff. 131-149. Typewritten copy of text to accompany The Way of the Cross: an Interpretation by Frank Brangwyn, published London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1935 (Sullivan, no. 98); [1935]. With amendments in the hand of Dorothy Collins for its inclusion in a volume of essays which did not appear.

Dorothy Edith Collins, secretary to G K Chesterton: Amendments and corrections to articles, etc., by G. K. Chesterton, prepared for publication by Dorothy Edith Collins: [1923-1975]: Autogr.


  • ff. 16v, 17v Dorothy Edith Collins, secretary to G K Chesterton: Dennis: Letter to — Dennis from Dorothy Edith Collins: 1955: Typewritten copy.
  • f. 21v Sheed and Ward; publishers: Correspondence with D. E. Collins of Sheed and Ward (publishers): 1952-1960: Partly signed, partly typewritten copies.
  • ff. 131-149 Sir Frank William Brangwyn, RA: Text by G. K. Chesterton to accompany 'The Way of the Cross: an interpretation by Frank Brangwyn': 1935: Typewritten.

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