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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CCXCIX (ff. 274). Miscellaneous papers and correspondence relating to Chesterton, and other papers from the Chesterton papers; 1889-1976, n.d.


1. ff. 1-2v. Extract of entry in Who's Who for George Laval Chesterton; n.d.

2. f. 3. Christmas card from Edward and Marie Louise Chesterton; 1907. Printed.

3. f. 4. Bookplate of Edward Chesterton; n.d. Printed.

4. ff. 5-7. Letters from Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch and Bernard Capes to Cecil Chesterton; 1912-1915.

5. f. 8. Photograph of Cecil Chesterton's grave; circa 1919.

6. ff. 9-15. Press cuttings relating to Brocard Sewell, Cecil Chesterton (1976); 1976.

7. ff. 16-45v. Miscellaneous correspondence, concerning G. K. Chesterton; circa 1887-1974. Includes a letter from William Archer to George Bernard Shaw, a letter from John Buchan to Lucian Oldershaw, a copy of a letter from Rudyard Kipling to Reginald Brimley Johnson, (published in Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, pp. 126-127), and a letter from Ezra Pound to Edward J. MacDonald, including the poem 'More jazz'.

8. ff. 46-52. Miscellaneous verse, etc., addressed to Chesterton; 1907-1926, n.d.

9. ff. 53-230. Miscellaneous essays and compilations on Chesterton; 1936-1976, n.d. Partly German. Typewritten or typewritten copies. Includes 'Panegyric on G. K. Chesterton', preached by Ronald Knox, 27 June 1936, published in G. K.'s Weekly, vol. 23, no. 590 (2 July 1936), pp. 255-256 (ff. 53-59).

10. ff. 231-237. Letter from Don John of Austria to the Duke of Alva concerning the Battle of Lepanto, sent to Chesterton by a descendant of the Duke; circa 1920. Facsimile and printed copy of the original, typewritten translation.

11. ff. 238-239. 'Ballade of the matchless', [by Maurice Baring]; [1911]. Autograph. Published in The Eye-Witness, vol. 1, no. 6 (27 July 1911), p. 175.

12. ff. 240-253. Letters from Charles Dickens to Lt. Tracey, of 1841, and Thomas Beard, of 1837 and 1842; n.d. Copies, those to Beard being typewritten.

13. ff. 254-256. Letter from Charles Lutwidge Dodgson to Miss ― Cooper of Edgbaston High School; 1889.

14. ff. 257-257v. Poem 'The world's miser' [by Theodore Maynard]; circa 1946. Typewritten copy, wrongly ascribing the poem to Chesterton.

15. ff. 258-264. Paper on 'Contempt of court'; circa 1925. Authorship unknown.

16. ff. 265-265v. Joke submitted to G. K.'s Weekly, possibly by R. N. Greene-Armytage; circa 1928.

17. ff. 266-266v. Letter from Justin McCarthy to T. Fisher Unwin; [1898].

18. ff. 267-270v. Prospectus for Copthill Tutorial School, run by B. N. Langdon-Davies and Lucian R. F. Oldershaw; circa 1905. Printed.

19. ff. 271-274. Pictorial items, being a wood-engraving of an illustration for Chesterton's 'The donkey' by Tom Chadwick, a photograph of George Bernard Shaw, and a crayon drawing of John O'Connor initialled S. W. dated 1908; 1908, n.d.


  • f. 1 George Laval Chesterton, journalist: Extract of his entry in Who's Who: n.d: Copy.
  • f. 3 Edward Chesterton, estate agent; father of G K Chesterton: Maria Louise Chesterton, mother of G K Chesterton: Christmas card from Edward Chesterton and Maria Louise Chesterton: 1907: Printed.
  • f. 4 Edward Chesterton, estate agent; father of G K Chesterton: Bookplates and Book-stamps: Bookplate of E. Chesterton: n.d.: Printed.
  • f. 5 Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch, author; d.1944: Cecil Edward Chesterton, brother of G K Chesterton; journalist: Letter to Cecil Edward Chesterton from Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch: 1912.
  • f. 7 Cecil Edward Chesterton, brother of G K Chesterton; journalist: Bernard Capes, of Winchester: Letter to Cecil Edward Chesterton from Bernard Capes: 1915.
  • f. 8 Art. Photographs: Cecil Edward Chesterton, brother of G K Chesterton; journalist: Photograph of the grave of Cecil Edward Chesterton: circa 1919.
  • ff. 9-15 Brocard Sewell, OCarm: Press cuttings relating to Sewell's 'Cecil Chesterton': 1976: Printed.
  • f. 16 Waldo D'Avigdor, schoolfriend of G K Chesterton at St Paul's: Leonard Arthur Magnus, son of Sir Philip Magnus, 1st Baronet: Letter to Waldo D'Avigdor from Leonard Arthur Magnus: circa 1889.
  • f. 18 John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir: Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw, economist: Letter to Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw from John Buchan: [1897?].
  • f. 19 Reginald Brimley Johnson, literary editor: Joseph Rudyard Kipling, author: Letter to Reginald Brimley Johnson from Rudyard Kipling: [1900]: Copy.
  • f. 21 Mrs Rye: Rudolph Chambers Lehmann, MP: Letter to Mrs. — Rye from Rudolph Chambers Lehmann: 1901.
  • f. 23 John Lane, publisher: Walter Theodore Watts-Dunton, formerly Watts; critic, novelist and poet: Letter to John Lane from Walter Theodore Watts-Dunton: 1901.
  • f. 25 John Lane, publisher: Sir John William Watson, poet: Letter to John Lane from Sir John William Watson: [1903]: Typewritten copy.
  • f. 29 Kenneth Bond: Letter to the editor of 'The Daily News': 1904: Copy.
  • f. 30 William Archer, drama critic and author: Correspondence with G. B. Shaw of and concerning William Archer: 1885-1924: Partly shorthand and typewritten draft. Partly signed.
  • f. 30 William Archer, drama critic and author: George Bernard Shaw, author: Letter to George Bernard Shaw from William Archer: 1906.
  • f. 31 Cornelius D. Vezin, of the US Embassy in London: Letter rel. to meeting with G. K. Chesterton's parents from Cornelius D. Vezin: 1917: Copy.
  • f. 33 Hon Maurice Baring, writer: Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, Viscount Allenby: Letter to Hon. Maurice Baring from Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby: 1919.
  • f. 35 Eustace Sutherland Campbell Percy, Baron Percy of Newcastle: F. W. Osborne: Letter to F. W. Osborne from Eustace Sutherland Campbell Percy: circa 1924.
  • f. 36 Hon Maurice Baring, writer: Augustine Birrell, PC; MP: Letter to Hon. Maurice Baring from Augustine Birrell: 1925.
  • f. 37 Edith Collins, mother of D E Collins, secretary to G K Chesterton: Rhoda Bastable, cousin of F A Chesterton: Letter to Edith Collins from Rhoda Bastable: 1931.
  • f. 38 Ezra Pound, poet: Edward J. Macdonald, journalist: Letter to Edward J. Macdonald from Ezra Pound: [1936]: Signed.
  • f. 40 Enid Muriel Lyons, wife of Joseph Aloysius Lyons, Prime Minister of Australia: Mrs Whyte: Letter to Mrs. — Whyte from Enid Muriel Lyons: 1937.
  • f. 42 Joan Saxon Mills, afterwards Butterworth; daughter of John Saxon Mills: Letter to 'The Evening Standard': 1941: Signed.
  • f. 43 Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw, economist: J. P. Charkham, schoolfriend of G K Chesterton at St Paul's: Letter to Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw from J. P. Charkham: 1947.
  • f. 44 Anthony Herbold, of the University of Michigan: Letter to 'The Times Literary Supplement': [1962]: Typewritten copy, signed.
  • f. 45 Reverend Leo Anthony Hetzler, of Cornell University: Ian Boyd, CSB: Letter to Ian Boyd from Rev. Leo Anthony Hetzler: 1974: Signed.
  • f. 46 Poetry ENGLISH: A. A. P: Poem, 'To G. K. C.' by A. A. P.: 1907.
  • f. 47 Joseph Plunkett, of Dublin: Verses 'To G. K. Chesterton': 1910: Typewritten.
  • ff. 48-49 Poetry ENGLISH: Colin Hurry, alias 'Kensal Green': 'G.K.C.', verses from 'Premature epitaphs' by Colin Hurry: [1936?].
  • f. 50 Poetry ENGLISH: Viola Garvin, wife of James Louis Garvin: Poem, 'Author's dream of Christmas' by Viola Garvin: 1926: Typewritten copy.
  • ff. 53-59 Monsignor Ronald Arbuthnott Knox, RC priest and bible translator: Sermons: 'Panegyric on G. K. Chesterton', preached 27 June 1936 by Monsignor Ronald Arbuthnott Knox: 1936: Typewritten.
  • ff. 63-106 Essays English: L. Jacques, SJ: Essay 'G. K. Chesterton's Introduction to Philosophy' by L. Jacques: 1961: Typewritten copy.
  • ff. 186-198 Essays English: Sister M. Carol, AC: Two essays on G. K. Chesterton by Sister M. Carol: 1974, n.d.: Typewritten copies.
  • ff. 199-208 Oswald Stein: Script of broadcast talk 'The love of Paradox: zu den Essays von G. K. Chesterton': [1976]: Photocopy of typewriting.
  • ff. 209-230 Sheila Kaye-Smith, afterwards Fry; novelist: Notes on humour in G. K. Chesterton's works by Sheila Kaye-Smith: n.d.: Typewritten copy.
  • ff. 231-237 Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba; Viceroy of Naples; Governor of the Netherlands: Netherlands, Governors of. Don John, of Austria: Strait of Lepanto, Greece: Letter reporting victory at Lepanto to Duke of Alva from Don John of Austria: 1571: Span. and Engl: Photocopy, typewritten and printed; circa 1920.
  • ff. 238-239 Hon Maurice Baring, writer: Poetry ENGLISH: Poem 'Ballade of the Matchless' by Hon. Maurice Baring: [1911]: Autogr.
  • f. 240 Lieutenant Tracey: Charles Dickens, novelist: Letter to Lieut. — Tracey from Charles Dickens: 1841: Copy.
  • ff. 242-253 Thomas Beard, of the 'Morning Chronicle': Charles Dickens, novelist: Letters to Thomas Beard from Charles Dickens: 1837,1842: Typewritten copies, 20th cent.
  • f. 244 Thomas Beard, of the 'Morning Chronicle': John Dickens, father of Charles Dickens: Letter to Thomas Beard from John Dickens: 1937: Copy.
  • f. 254 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, alias 'Lewis Carroll'; author: Miss Cooper, of Edgbaston High School: Letter to Miss — Cooper from Charles Lutwidge Dodgson: 1889.
  • f. 257 Poetry ENGLISH: Theodore Maynard, author: Poem, 'The World's Miser', by T. Maynard, wrongly attributed to G. K. Chesterton: [1946]: Typewritten copy.
  • f. 266 Justin Huntly McCarthy, MP; son of Justin McCarthy, MP: Thomas Fisher Unwin, publisher: Letter to Thomas Fisher Unwin from Justin Huntly McCarthy: [1898].
  • ff. 267-270 Bernard Noel Langdon-Davies, publisher and politician: Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw, economist: Copthill Tutorial School; Epsom: Prospectus of Copthill Tutorial School (Epsom) run by Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw and Bernard Noel Langdon-Davies: circa 1905: Printed.
  • f. 271 Art. Photographs: George Bernard Shaw, author: Photograph of George Bernard Shaw: n.d.
  • f. 272 Thomas Chadwick, illustrator: Wood-engraving illustrating G. K. Chesterton's poem 'The Donkey' by Thomas Chadwick: n.d.
  • f. 273 Art. Portraits: John O'Connor, RC priest, of Bradford: Coloured crayon portrait of J. O'Connor, initialled S.W.: 1908.

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