G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CLXV (ff. 143). Articles, essays and reviews, ... 

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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CLXV (ff. 143). Articles, essays and reviews, many fragmentary, extracted from notebooks which cannot be linked with existing notebooks; circa 1890 - circa 1901. Autograph. Leaves containing articles published in Chesterton's lifetime are placed with the appropriate published work. For articles written on extracted leaves after they were separated from notebooks, see Add. 73308. Many articles do not bear titles. Articles with titles and selected untitled articles include: 'Revolutionary leaders' (see also Add. 73316 D) (f. 1v), 'The Hellenists' (ff. 5v-6), crossed out notes on the paper 'Poetry of the present day' presented to the Junior Debating Club in 1892 (f. 6v), essay on Christian socialism (published in Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, pp. 71-72) (ff. 13-14), 'R. E. Vernède' (ff. 15v-16v), 'Wordsworth' (f. 20), on J. M. Barrie (ff. 28-35v), 'A defence of skeletons' (ff. 38, 39), 'Eros and Psyche, by Robert Bridges' (see also Add. 73308 A) (ff. 40, 41), 'Who were the individualists? an enquiry' (ff. 42v-43v), 'George Macdonald, the mystic' (f. 44), on the agnosticism of 'Saladin' [i.e. William Stewart Ross] writing in The Agnostic Journal (ff. 45-90), review of A. Mee, Joseph Chamberlain (ff. 91v-93v), 'Walt Whitman' (ff. 94v-121), 'Three sayings of the starry and well-connected Fo Ching' (also used in a letter to E. C. Bentley, see Add. 73191, f. 222) (f. 122), 'The decay of patriotism' (ff. 124-126), review of a book by G. B. Shaw (ff. 130-131v).

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