G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXXIII A (ff. 307). Unpublished works; mostly ... 

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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXXIII A (ff. 307). Unpublished works; mostly n.d.


1. ff. 3-5v. 'Chapter III. The great commission'.

2. ff. 26-30v. On the Salvation Army.

3. ff. 38-52. On Christian socialism. Published in Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, pp. 72-76.

4. ff. 61-62. On moderation. Reworked as the story 'The moderate country', see references at Add. 73338 E.

5. ff. 63-68. 'The literature of symbols'.

6. f. 78. 'The fallacy of the material'.

7. ff. 79-80. 'Act for the institution of national theatres'.

8. ff. 81-82v. 'Twilight: a history of human progress'. A longer version of that in Add. 73318 C, but with a fragment of a story on the page allocated to part 2.

9. f. 83. 'A friend of the pygmies'.

10. ff. 84-86. 'Eros and Psyche, by Robert Bridges'. See also Add. 73350.

11. f. 88. 'The ethics of Punch'. See also Add. 73324 A, 73328 A.

12. f. 90. 'Restraint of advertisements act'.

13. ff. 91-92. 'Notes'. A critique of an essay.

14. ff. 95-96. 'The harbours of England, by John Ruskin'.

15. ff. 97-98. On the penknife.

16. ff. 104-108. 'Literary notes' (on publications of 1895, and of 29 Aug. 1899), 'New books' (on publications of 1896).

17. ff. 109-118v. 'The stage'. On productions of 1897.

18. ff. 119-124v. A self-critique of his poems, most of which appeared in The Wild Knight, see Add. 73243 A, B.

19. ff. 126-151. Various essays, questions, etc., on the Dreyfus case.

20. ff. 152-153v. 'A magazine'. On the re-launch of The Speaker in 1899.

21. ff. 154-168. Notes on publications compiled during Chesterton's period of work at Messrs T. Fisher Unwin.

22. ff. 170-172. 'The decay of imperialism'.

23. ff. 176-177. 'The confessions of Alfred Milner'.

24. ff. 178-183. 'Might have been'.

25. ff. 202-228. On Francis Edward Smedley's book Frank Fairleigh.

26. ff. 229-241. 'Thomas Hood'. Some leaves are in the hand of Frances Chesterton.

27. f. 242. 'Battles of literature. III. The mistake about Steven-son'.

28. f. 243. 'Sentiment'.

29. ff. 244-304. Essays on Charles Dickens and his works, possibly preparatory work for Charles Dickens. Some leaves are in the hands of Frances Chesterton and Rhoda Bastable. Folios 277-280 bear on their versos notes on Dickens's Our Mutual Friend, and on their rectos a draft of part of act 2 of Chesterton's play Time's Abstract and Brief Chronicle (see Add. 73301 A, f. 131). See also Add. 73248, A, B.

Frances Alice Chesterton, née Blogg; wife of G K Chesterton: Transcriptions and amendments of works by G. K. Chesterton: [1902]-circa 1911: Autogr.

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