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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXL C. Poems, some incomplete and in draft, others fair copies and with a contents page, incomplete story 'Wreckage' (of which a later version is in Add. 73327 C) (ff. 67v-78v), sketches; circa 1893. Poems include: 'The germ' (see references at Add. 73322 C) (ff. 5-6), 'A song of the many' (see references at Add. 73305 A) (f. 7), 'Twilight' (published in C.W., vol. 10, p. 83: see also Add. 73322 C, 73324 A, 73325 A, D, 73326 A, 73330 A) (ff. 11-11v), 'The song of the cradle' (see references at Add. 73325 A) (ff. 15-16v), 'The song of the wheel' (see references at Add. 73325 D) (ff. 20-21v), 'The song of songs' (see also Add. 73324 C, 73325 A) (f. 28), 'Today' (see also Add. 73325 D, 73326 A, B, 73327 C, 73328 A) (f. 30), 'The earth's festival' (see references at Add. 73326 B) (f. 34), 'The ballad of a man's heart' (three drafts, see also Add. 73325 D, 73326 A, B, 73330 A, 73338 D) (ff. 38-42), 'The crown of woman' (a fuller version than that published in C.W., vol. 10, p. 200: see references at Add. 73326 A) (ff. 43-44v), 'The seven makers' (in fact, only two fragments entitled 'The six makers', see references at Add. 73325 D) (ff. 47, 50-50v), 'A word' (see references at Add. 73323 C) (f. 49), 'The creator' (see references at Add. 73318 C) (f. 53), 'The house of parables' (one line only), (f. 57).

ff. ii+86. 227 x 177mm.

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