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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CCXCVI B (ff. 200). Poems, dedications, letters and extracts from articles either submitted to Maisie Ward or transcribed by her in the course of her writing her biographies of Chesterton, some marked for inclusion in these works; circa 1940 - circa 1950. Partly autograph, partly typewritten. Includes the following items by Chesterton: text accompanying sketches of a boy digging a bear from a hole in a sandy beach, reported by Peter Oldershaw, for whom the original was written and drawn, and referred to in summary in Return to Chesterton, p. 105 (ff. 24-25); dedications written in copies of Chesterton's works presented to Freda Spencer, his secretary (ff. 26-29); letters to Frances Chesterton, two of which (ff. 44-45, 53) are neither published in Ward's biographies nor included in Add. 73193.

Frances Alice Chesterton, née Blogg; wife of G K Chesterton: Letters from G. K. Chesterton to Frances Alice Chesterton: circa 1900: Typewritten copies, circa 1950.

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