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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXLVIII B. Poems, two versions of the beginning of an essay on George MacDonald (ff. 27-30, 37-38), list of Chesterton's friends (f. 63v), fragments of stories, sketches; circa 1894 - circa 1896. Poems include 'World lover' (a different poem from those in The Wild Knight and in the 'World lover' sequence'; see also Add. 73305 B, f. 59) (ff. 78-77v vol. rev.), 'Le jongleur de Dieu' (see references to 'The troubadour of God' at Add. 73329 A) (ff. 2, 5, 8, 13, 16), 'The likeness of the appearance of a man' (see also Add. 73348, and under 'Man' at Add. 73329 A) (ff. 3-4), 'A strange journey' (ff. 6-7), 'The ballad of Dives' (ff. 9-12), 'The world' (see also Add. 73348) (ff. 14-15), 'Is the world a tree, love' (ff. 21v-22), 'The fairy tale' (f. 23), 'To a woman with gold hair engirdled' (f. 25), and a poem beginning "Starry, colossal, blinding, bare" (see also Add. 73348) (f. 2v). The text commences at both ends.

ff. i+85. 230 x 177mm.

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