G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXXXV A. Poems, plays and stories, mostly fra ... 

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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXXXV A. Poems, plays and stories, mostly fragmentary, and sketches; circa 1892. Includes incomplete illustrated story, dedicated in verse to Lawrence Solomon (published as 'Prince Wildfire' in C.W., vol. 14, pp. 580-587; and with the conclusion in Add. 73270, ff. 67-86, in The G. K. Chesterton Quarterly, no. 7 (Summer 1998), pp. 1-6, see also Add. 73317 D for an earlier draft) (ff. 1-13v), an essay on the reign of King Henry II (ff. 27-21v vol. rev.), 'Grand triumphal procession of the J.D.C.' (ff. 41-42), tributes to Junior Debating Club members (ff. 44-45v), an essay on revolutionary movements in literature (ff. 70v-73v), a fragment of the story published as the opening of 'Basil Howe' (see references at Add. 73320 B, C) (ff. 78v-79), two drafts of a story in epistolary form to 'Lawrence', i.e. Lawrence Ormond, the name adopted by Lucian Oldershaw for the series (one published in The Debater, vol. 3, no. 13 (March 1892), pp. 9-11) (ff. 94v-98v), 'The chaunt of the Junior Debating Club' (published in C.W., vol. 10, p. 289, see also Add. 73303 B) (ff. 100v-101v), poems beginning "Men say that the bonds are burst" (ff. 20v-21v), "From the lips of the priestly fawners" (see also Add. 73305 B) (ff. 37-38v), "I dream within a dreaming ship" (ff. 56v-57), "Love is enough for the loving" (see also Add. 73305 B) (f. 61), "Since there first in Eden's thicket" (a draft of 'The preacher', published in The Pauline, vol. 11, no. 55 (June 1892), pp. 119-120) (ff. 69v-70), "Straight throughout the Lybian cities, did the evil rumours fly" (ff. 83-83v). Text commences at both ends.

ff. i+103. 228 x 177mm.

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