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G. K. CHESTERTON PAPERS. VOL. CXVIII B (ff. 194). Miscellaneous papers concerning the Junior Debating Club; [1891?-1925], n.d.


1. ff. 1-8. Two draft notes relating to the history of the Club; a draft letter to the editor of The Debater; printed rules of the Club; agenda of two motions for debate (not recorded in The Debater); circa 1892.

2. ff. 9-22v. The cyclostyled original issue of The Debater, no. 2, with drawings by Chesterton added; [1892].

3. ff. 23-66. Printer's copy for The Debater, vol. 3, no. 16; 1892. In the hands of the individual authors.

4. ff. 67-73v. Cyclostyled copy of an additional issue dated July 1893, with the cover and drawing on the last page by Chesterton; 1893.

5. ff. 74-134v. Drafts and fair copies of articles and poems written for The Debater, for the most part by Chesterton and in his hand, with reports of meetings and papers for meetings; [1891-1893]. Some leaves are extracted from notebooks. Includes: from no. 1: 'Dragons', last leaf only (f. 74) (see also Add. 73318 B), 'Great English poets. I. Chaucer' (ff. 75-76); from the printed version of no. 2 'Adveniat regnum tuum' (ff. 77-78v); from no. 3: 'Great English poets. III. Milton' (ff. 79-80v); from no. 3 and 5: part of chapter 2 and chapter 4 of 'The white cockade' (see also Add. 73317 A, D) (ff. 81-86); from no. 6: part of 'Great English poets. VI. Gray' (f. 87); from no. 7: part of 'Great English poets. VII. Cowper', with, on the reverse, some notes on fairy tales for a meeting on 12 Feb. 1892, recorded in no. 13 (f. 88), two drafts of a paper on literary openings (ff. 89-93v); from no. 8: 'Simon de Montfort' (f. 94), draft of paper on three English dramatists read on 2 Oct. 1891 (ff. 95-99); from no. 9: notes of meetings of 9 and 16 Oct. 1891 (ff. 101v); from no. 10: two drafts of paper on literary cynicism, read on 4 Nov. 1891 (ff. 102-105v), draft of paper on nonsense, read on 20 Feb. 1892 (f. 107); from no. 12: 'Great English poets. XII. Scott' (ff. 108-110); from no. 14: text of paper read by H. Vernède on two forms of poetry on 11 March 1892 (ff. 112-114), note of meeting of 26 March 1892 (f. 115), notes on Shelley and Byron, relating to 'Great English poets. XIV. Shelley' (f. 116); from no. 15: notes for a debate on Sparta on 13 May 1892 (ff. 117-120v), notes for a debate on fiction on 20 May 1892 (f. 121); from no. 16: notes for a paper on three stages of ethical poetry in Europe, read on 8 July 1892 (f. 123); from no. 18: notes of meetings of 11 Nov. 1892 (ff. 124-126), fragments of 'The modern novelist II' (f. 127); also, draft of article on Judge Jeffries, published in The Union Magazine, vol. 1, no. 2 (Nov. 1893), pp. 37-38 (f. 128v), and two fragmentary papers on ethical novels and private literary work not published in The Debater (ff. 130-134).

6. ff. 135-160. Poems, stories and other fanciful pieces concerning members of the Club. Includes: 'Chevy chase', a poem (f. 135), a fragmentary poem ending 'A dodo strutted on his crimson shield' (f. 136), 'Song of the Debater', a poem (see also Add. 73320 A) (ff. 138-139), 'Triumphal procession of the Junior Debating Club' (ff. 140-141), fantasy on the foundation of a college by Waldo d'Avigdor (f. 142), poem opening "Eat the crust & drink the water, use the simple homely stove" (published as 'The J.D.C.' in C.W., vol. 10, pp. 286-287) (ff. 143-144), 'The Debatynge Clubbe, a morality', a pencil draft of the opening (see also Add. 73321 C) (f. 145), 'Ode on the second annual assembly of the J.D.C., 1900' (published in C.W., vol. 10, pp. 291-292) (ff. 147-148), poem inspired by an observation that no member of the Club had been hanged (published as 'The J.D.C. unhung' in C.W., vol. 10, pp. 296-297) (ff. 149-150), 'Ballade of the Immortal Club' (in the hand of Frances Chesterton) (f. 151), poem opening "The J.D.C., the J.D.C.!", composed by L. R. F. Oldershaw and in his hand (ff. 152-154), 'The J.D.C.: 30 years, and more, after', composed by L. R. F. Oldershaw and in his hand (ff. 155-156), seven stanzas beginning "Water has flowed under the bridges" (typewritten copy with autograph amendments. Published as 'The J.D.C.: a celebration' in C.W., vol. 10, pp. 288-289) (ff. 157-159), two stanzas beginning "We meet again; but all around" (published as 'The J.D.C.: a reunion' in C.W., vol. 10, pp. 292-293) (f. 160).

7. ff. 161-194v. Menus, toast lists and guest lists for Club dinners for 1899, 1900, 1901 1913 and 1925. For 1899 Chesterton's autograph menu and toast list, a typewritten copy of E. W. Fordham's and photocopies of L. R. F. Oldershaw's and H. A. Sams's, all drawn by Chesterton. For 1900 incomplete autograph menus for Chesterton and Digby d'Avigdor, and frivolous menus and toast lists for Violet Boileau and E. C. Bentley, signed by the guests, and a typewritten copy of E. W. Fordham's, with seven mock apologies for absence by eminent persons in Chesterton's hand. For 1901 a printed menu, guest and toast list For 1913 a printed menu, guest list in L. R. F. Oldershaw's hand and autograph toast list For 1925 a printed menu and toast list and correspondence between L. R. F. Oldershaw and Pagani's Restaurant arranging the dinner. Also autograph cards for a fancy dress ball for Mr and Mrs E. C. Bentley and Mr and Mrs L. R. F. Oldershaw, new year resolution cards for Mr and Mrs L. R. F. Oldershaw, and copies by Dorothy Collins of cards for Mr and Mrs E. W. Fordham.

Poetry ENGLISH: Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw, economist: Poems, correspondence, menus, etc., concerning the Junior Debating Club of St. Paul's School by Lucian Robert Frederic Oldershaw: [1913-1925]: Autogr.

London. St Paul's School: Notes and papers concerning the Junior Debating Club of St. Paul's School, mostly by G. K. Chesterton: [1891-1925], n.d: Partly printed: Partly autogr.

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