Skeletal remains, Cirencester, Norfolk

Scope and Content

17 black and white photographs of skeletal remains excavated at Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Photographs by Mary Kippen.

1. Inhumation 9. Right scapula and humerus [full details unclear in an image] with possible shoulder dislocation and osteoarthritis. Overall classification: degenerative joint disease and trauma.

2. Inhumation 46. Image of lumbar vertebra with possible osteoarthritis at the transverse facet. Overall classification: Degenerative Joint disease.

3. Inhumation 53. Image of left os coxa and femur with osteoarthritis of the hip. Overall classification: degenerative joint disease.

4. Inhumation 114. Defective neural arch. Overall classification: ??

5. Inhumation 115. Image of os coxa with pseudo acetabulum with probable congenital hip dysplasia and slipped femoral epiphysis. Classification: developmental and trauma.

6. Inhumation 142. Description: Left proximal femur with third trochanter. Overall classification: Miscellaneous (skeletal)

7. Inhumation 357 and 184. Description: Sacra (x2) with open posterior spine consistant with spina bifida occulta. Overall classification: Developmental (hypoplastic)

8. Inhumation 304. Image of a left ulna and radius tosis and distal diaphysis. Overall classification: Miscellaneous (skeletal)

9. Inhumation 288. Image of synostosis of two thoracic vertebrae. Overall classification: degenerative joint disease and trauma.

10. Inhumation 278. Tarsals, metatarsals and phalanx with erosions (probable arthropathy, possible gout). Overall classification: Degenerative joint disease, metabolic (excess).

11. Inhumation 278. 12-17. Superior view of cranium with deformation (detail not visible on image) Overall classification: Developmental, taphonomic, miscellaneous (skeletal)

12 and 13. Inhumation 215. Calcaneus and talus (Inhumation 215) Overall classification: Skeletal (human).

. 14. Inhumation 205. Two patellae, one with a vastus notch. Overall classification: Miscellaneous (skeletal).

15-16. Inhumation 305. Right lateral view of skull with healing trauma. Overall classification: Trauma (intentional / accidental / surgical)

17. Inhumation 331. Description: Osteoma in the maxillary sinus. Overall classification: Neoplasm (benign)