Skeletal remains, St Benedict's Church, Norfolk

Scope and Content

3 black and white photographs excavated at St. Benedict's Church, Norwich, Norfolk. Photographs by the Wellcome Museum of Medical Science.

1 . St Benedict's / 42 Description: Posterior view of proximal femora (right and left). left femur with destruction to the cortical bone exposing the underlying trabeculae. Greater trochanter and femoral head no longer discernible and possible partial Allen's fossa visible on the remaining cortical bone on the superior-posterior neck. Right femur some damage to cortical bone from the greater to the lesser trochanter and the superior-posterior femoral head. Type: Non-metric variation / taphonomic damage Overall classification: Taphonomic damage

2.Norwich: St Benedict's Description: Distal third (approx.) of right femur with cortical bone missing from anterior shaft (post-mortem) exposing the underlying trabecular bone. Much of the trabecular bone is absent, but internal Harris lines are visible. Type: Harris lines Overall classification: Developmental / post-mortem damage

3. Norwich St. Benedict's Description: Superior view of cranium: unfused / separated coronal suture with rounded margins and separation of the superior part of the metopic suture / bilateral depressions in the ectocranial surface of the posterior parietals / taphonomic damage to the endocranial surface Overall classification: Trauma / developmental / taphonomic