Various skeletal remains, Portway, Andover, Hampshire

Scope and Content

5 black and white photographs of skeletal remains excavated at an industrial estate, Portway Andover. Photographs by Mary Kippen.

Black and white photographs of bone fragments excavated at former Roman road known as Portway in Andover, Hampshire. Photographs annotated with reference numbers and signed by Mary Kippen.

1 Teeth.

2. Portway, Hampshire (Inhumation 2). Left 5th metacarpal

3. Portway, Hampshire (Inhumation 55). Long bone diaphysis x 2 (Tibiae) Description: Florid porous bone diffuse across the diaphyses. One image shows an enlarged section of the diaphysis with small areas of bone loss. Type: Periostitis / osteomyelitis / some taphonomic damage Overall classification: Infection (non-specific)

4. Portway, Hampshire (Inhumation 5) Description: Posterior view of left proximal femur with destruction to the the femoral head and posterior part of the greater trochanter. Proximal 1/4 (approx.) of diaphysis with porous woven bone and striated bone covering the surface. possible cloaca visible on inferior border of the photograph? Type: Periostitis / Osteomyelitis Overall classification: Infection (non-specific) 5. Portway, Hampshire (Inhumation 12) Description: Anterior view of Vertebrae x 2 /3? (S1 and at least L5) New bone to the joint surface and severe alteration to the contours. Severe pitting and lytic lesions visible on the anterior bodies. Marginal osteophytes that project superiorly and inferiorly from the margins of the vertebral endplates and synostosis at the right side of the bodies. end plates barely visible but S1 intact. Type: Probable osteoarthritis Overall classification: Degenerative joint disease