Skeletal remains, St Pauls, Norwich, Norfolk

Scope and Content

7 black and white photographs. Remains excavated at St. Paul's Norwich. Photographs by Hallam Ashley.

1. Inhumation CM1611. Description: Long bone diaphysis with circular void / cloaca. Probable osteomyelitis, possibly tumour /cyst. Overall classification: Infection (non-specific) / Neoplasm

2. Inhumation CM1607. Description: Deformation of the femur. Probable healed fracture of the distal diaphysis of the femur. Overall classification: Trauma (accidental)

3. Inhumation CM1609. Description: Healed fracture and synostosis of the proximal tibia and fibula. Overall classification: Trauma (accidental)

4. Inhumation CM1611. Description: Thoracic vertebrae (x2)

5. Inhumation CM1612. Description: One 'normal' calcaneus, one fractured calcaneus. Overall classification: Trauma (accidental)

6. Acetabulum with marginal bone proliferation and visible porosity. Type: Osteoarthritis Overall classification: Degenerative joint disease

7. No inhumation number. Description: Osteoma of maxillary sinus. Overall classification: Neoplasm (benign)