Skeletal remains, Monkwearmouth, Norfolk

Scope and Content

7 black and white photographs. Skeletal remains excavated at Monkwearmouth, Tyne and Wear and Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Photographs by Mary Kippen.

1. Cirencester (Inhumation 704). A proximal tibia and distal femur with septic arthritis. Overall classification: infection (non-specific or specific)

2. Cirencester (Inhumation 704). Tuberculosis of the knee. Overall classification: infection (non-specific or specific)

3. Cirencester (Inhumation 331). Two metatarsals and phalanx possibly with gout. Overall classification: Metabolic (excess)

4. Cirencester (Inhumation 322). Cervical vertebra. Overall classification: Infection

5.Cirencester (Inhumation 208). Left talus with infection. Overall classification: Infection (Non-specific) / osteoarthritis?

6. Cirencester (Inhumation 335). Inferior tibia with healing / healed fracture. Overall classification: Trauma

7. Monkwearmouth (Inhumation MK 66 VC41). Description: Osteochondritis dissecans -Right os coxa. Overall classification: Circulatory