Correspondence between Richard Reece and Freddie Wells

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Richard Reece, archaeologist on Cirencester Excavation Committee, Calvin and Freddie Wells.

1. Correspondence between Reece and Calvin Wells relating to excavations at Iona Abbey, Isle of Iona, Scotland. Related to Wells producing reports for skeletal remains excavated by Reece on the Isle of Iona. [23 October 1960- 9 May 1972]

2. Correspondence between Reece and Calvin Wells, primarily relating to their respective research [14 September 1972-31 December 1977]

3. Correspondence between Reece and Calvin and Freddie Wells. Subjects include Keith Manchester's transfer of Calvin's archive to the University of Bradford, and its importance to the university's palaeopathology course, Mayan archaeology specialist Frank Saul's compliments on Calvin Wells' legacy, and the publication of 'Disease in Ancient Man: An International Symposium' edited by Gerry Hart which was held in honour of Calvin [18 September 1978-8 April 1983]

4. Undated postcards from Reece.