'Yungya after burning'

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B&W photographic print. 'The inhabitants had disappeared at the approach of the column, taking all their possessions with them. "The whole place was crawling with myriads of hungry fleas, many of which we carried off with us. Firewood, thatch, even lumps of clay for making pots [had all been] removed. Even the great wood drums had been dragged off somewhere, and the punishment we were able to inflict by burning what was left was very small indeed."'

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Yungya is also known as Aopao or Ao Pao and resides in the Champang H.Q. of the Mon District, Nagaland, India.

Ethnicity: Naga

Ethnicity: Konyak Naga

Ethnicity: Phom Naga

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8 x 5.5cm