'Album A' containing photographs of a punitive expedition to the Konyak Naga village of Yungya

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Album A contains 43 B/W photographs primarily taken during a punitive expedition in April 1923 to the Konyak village of Yungya, certain inhabitants of which had carried out a head-hunting raid on Kamahu. J.P. Mills was Assistant Commissioner, Mokokchung at this time. He accompanied J.H. Hutton, Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, who was his superior and therefore wrote the official Tour Diary for the expedition. The military escort of Gurkhas was commanded by Captain W.B.S. Shakespear. The Konyak tribe lived in the northern part of the Naga Hills. To the west, the Konyaks bordered the Assam plains and the Ao Nagas; on the south-east were the Phoms; and, on the east, the Singphos of Burma. At the time of these photographs much of their country was unadministered and little known and some of the villages visited during this expedition had never before been seen by Europeans.

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Yongya is alternatively known as Yungya

Ethnicity: Naga