Curriculum Vitae

Scope and Content

Within the folder labelled as Leslie Hilliard's CV there are an array of documents relating to his professional work in numerous capacities. Some of the main themes include his retirement from his position as Physician Superintendent at the Fountain Hospital in 1961 and as Honorary Psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital in 1963, and his endeavours in pressing for new legislation regarding mental deficiency. Mental health legislation was bound up in the 1890 Lunacy Act and the 1913 Mental Deficiency Act, both of which had to be heavily revised after the formation of the NHS in 1948. Hilliard, as Chairman of the National Association for Mental Health [MIND] was involved in creating draft proposals for new legislation that would bring the subject matter up to date. A new Mental Health Act was introduced as legislation in 1959. There are also numerous reports and papers concerned with various aspects of mental deficiency covering areas such as mental deficiency services in the UK, community care of the mentally deficient, and mental deficiency and paralytic syndromes. There are small amounts of material relating to his work with the World Health Organisation and as a member of the Socialist Medical Association [Socialist Health Association]. As well as reports the folder consists of letters, notes, reprints, reviews of Mental Deficiency and several versions of his CV. Some of the letters refer to a donation made by Hilliard to the Royal College of Surgeons of notebooks by Sir Henry Nicholls and his appointment as a member of the South Western Regional Hospital Board in 1965.