Typescript lecture notes on admitting patients to hospital and an overview of the Mental Deficiency and Lunacy (Scotland) Act 1913, lecture 12

Scope and Content

Provides some basic information on the Mental Deficiency and Lunacy (Scotland) Act 1913 and the division of mental deficiency into four classes: idiots, imbeciles, feeble-minded, and moral imbeciles. Also covers responsibility in insanity and mental deficiency such as getting married, making wills and criminal responsibility. Page 6 is annotated 26/5/51 so this lecture may haven been given slightly later than 1949.

With annotations and corrections.

Related Material

DC 081/4/1/1/78-79, lectures 1 and 2 on mental deficiency. Possibly undergraduate lecture notes.

DC 081/4/1/2/16, typescript notes for a lecture to medical students at Lennox Castle Hospital on mental deficiency