'Fionnla Choinneachain Mac Na Bantraich' [Fionnlagh Choinneachain, the widow's son]

Scope and Content

Fragmentary piece (end) of the tale 'Fionnla Choinneachain Mac Na Bantraich'. Begins 'eir mo chois sin a mhic na bantraich.' Recorded from Donald MacQueen, Fernilea, Isle of Skye on 21 February 1861. Beginning of tale found at  GB 237 Coll-97/CW460.

Alternative Form Available

Microfilm: Mic.Dup.1184/2

Archivist's Note

This entry has been verified against the original.

Related Material

See also GB 237 Coll-97/CW460, pp. 23-36 for the beginning of the tale.See also GB 237 Coll-97/CW112 for a transcription of the tale.

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