Scope and Content

The notebook contains clean copies of the materials in GB 237 Coll-97/CW109- GB 237 Coll-97/CW111, primarily Gaelic tales and poems. Includes works such as 'An Caisteal a Meadhon a' Chuain' [The castle in the middle of the sea], 'Cigean, Cuaigeam, us Boc Geal an Reubair', 'A Chromag a Ghabh mu an Cuairt' [The crook which went about], 'A Chaora Bhoidheach Ghlas ' [The beautiful grey sheep], 'Alasdair Og Mac Righ Shasunn agus Alasdair dubh a bhrathair' [Alexander the son of the King of England, and Black ], 'Am Britheamh Leothasacha' [The brieve of Lewis], 'Sgrios nam Piocach' [The destruction of the Picts], 'Leabhar Dearg Chlann Mhuirich' [The Red Book of the MacMhuirichs]; and a Genealogical Account of the MacRaes.

Archivist's Note

This entry has not yet been verified against the original.

Related Material

See also GB 237 Coll-97/CW422 and GB 237 Coll-97/CW460, pages 23-36 for the tale 'Fionnla Choinneachain Mac Na Bantraich' (beginning and end spit across both reference numbers).