The Good Samaritan

Scope and Content

Engraving by J.M. Delatre and Simon Francis Ravenet, published by John Boydell. Engraved from the original painting by Hogarth on the staircase in St. Bartholomew's Hospital. The image depicts The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30). In the centre the good Samaritan treats the wounds of the victim left by robbers. The pair are flanked by a dog and horse who is tethered to a tree with blanket and leopard skin. A Levite with scriptures and Priest, with kneeling beggar, who ignored the victim after passing him, shown in left-background. A waterfall flows from rocky cliff face shown on the right-background. Hogarth chose fitting subject matter for an institution of healing. Inscribed: "Willm Hogarth Pinxit |Ravenet and Delatre Sculpserunt | Engraved from the Original Picture; Painted by William Hogarth Esqr. on the Stair Case in St. Bartholomew's Hospital |Vol II No 56. Size of the picture 13f 8i by 16f 9i in length. | Published Feb.24th.1972 by John Boydell Engraver, in Cheapside London. | St.Luke Chap: X. Ver:30". A second scene depicted on lower plate with inscription: "The Foundation Stone of this Hospital was laid by Rahere prior of the order of St. Augustin, in the II year of the reign of Henry 1st MCII in pursuance of a vow made to St. Bartholomew."