Paul before Felix, Plate 2, Engraved by William Hogarth after his painting.

Scope and Content

Etching and engraving from his original painting in Lincoln's Inn Hall. Paul before Felix, showing St Paul on trial before Felix, governor of Caesarea; Paul to left with arms chained and raised, Felix sitting with his wife Drusilla and two priests on a dais at centre, one sitting uncomfortably with his chin in his hand, two clerks in front of the bench at which St Paul stands; to right, the orator Tertullus holding a scroll and leaning on a lectern; a soldier to left and two figures carrying fascae either side of the dais. Dr. Joseph Warton's critique is just visible in each of the bottom corners. Lettered below the image with a quotation (Acts 24:25) 'And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled.' and production detail: 'Engraved from the original painting in Lincoln's Inn Hall, and published as the Act directs Feb.5.1752.'