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This section offers patchy coverage of Jeffreys's research studies. However, there is good documentation of her most significant periods of research. There are a few notebooks from her period as a research student under R.H. Fowler in Cambridge in the mid-1920s but the bulk of the material is in the form of a series of labelled research folders organised by topic containing notes and drafts, calculations and offprints. A number of the items in the series are accompanied by later explanatory notes by Jeffreys. The series includes material from the winter semester of 1927-1928 spent in Göttingen, where she worked under Max Born and Werner Heisenberg; from the late 1920s relating to her research on polarization of atomic cores, a topic suggested to her by D.R. Hartree; work on degenerate gases in the 1930s; and on the Relativistic Self-Consistent Field from the 1930s through to the 1970s. Research material from after her marriage includes work in the 1950s on Multipole Radiation. There is only a little material illustrative of her developing interest in areas of study introduced to her by her husband, although there is additional material preserved in the archive of Sir Harold. Other miscellaneous research papers include some documentation of the work of a former student Mary Walmsley from the 1960s and early 1970s.

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