Scope and Content

This section complements the research in section C, as a number of the publications documented relate to research folders and cross-references are included where appropriate. The section provides greater coverage of Jeffreys's later mathematical interests which are under-represented in section C. There is significant documentation of Methods of Mathematical Physics (Cambridge University Press), the book co-authored with her husband Harold, from the first edition of 1946 and her introduction to the volume Coulomb wave functions by A.R. Curtis (1964). However, the single largest grouping of material relates to her two short notes for the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society; 'A Q-rious tale: the origin of the Parameter Q in electromagnetism', vol 26 (1985) and 'A footnote to A Q-rious tale', vol 27 (1986). The section also includes part of what appears to be an uncompleted book on Mechanics, with D.R. Hartree, and a number of book reviews by Jeffreys for the Mathematical Gazette.

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