Research-related papers

Scope and Content

This series is comprised almost exclusively of papers documenting DW's work on his unfinished book, 'The posthumous life of WO', during the 1990s. Most significant are the manuscript sections of the book which he managed to complete; these deal with the period 1946-1951, when he was involved as a key player in the posthumous life of WO and his work. There are also extensive research notes, primarily made when DW visited the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas (Austin) in 1994 and 1996 to consult the Blunden and Sassoon papers held there. As well as transcripts and summaries of original documents, these also include DW's own commentary and observations as he made new discoveries and uncovered material relating to himself in the archives. He also drew extensively on his own archive when drafting the book, and some of these files include papers dating from the early period of his WO research which he was using as source material. There is only a very small quantity of material here which does not relate in some way to the 'Posthumous life' project, and this includes some papers relating to plans for a talk on WO in 1993.


The first four files listed in this series were put together by DW himself; the other papers were loose, although some of them were roughly organized into bundles; these have been listed chronologically after the files.