Research file: "Data 1996-"

Scope and Content

Contents of another large box file of research notes generated by DW, principally during his visits to the HRHRC in Texas, although there is some material from other sources (including the UK Public Record Office). The papers include transcripts, notes and photocopies of original documents and articles; DW has also included some interesting asides and commentary of his own, especially where the original documents make reference to him and his own work on WO. Much of the material here relates to research on the Wilfred Owen War Poetry Collection which was compiled by American academic Joseph Cohen.


DW's own file index is included, as well as notes [by DW's partner, Barbara Leigh] summarising each subdivision of the file. The arrangement of the material here reflects DW's own file divisions. The file index in /1 indicates that section 7 of the original file should have been 'WO - Other Scholars on', but this was empty; in fact its contents had been removed to another file and are now listed in DSW/1/3/3/4.