Scope and Content

This series contains publications of various kinds, all with some relevance to WO. Most significant are four early publications, at least two of which were acquired by DW during the 1990s. These include early printings of individual poems by Siegfried Sassoon and WO, a publication relating to the sale of the WO manuscripts to the British Museum in 1934, and a review of the Day-Lewis edition of WO's poems. Whilst there is no evidence to suggest that all four of these were purchased by DW during the 1990s, it seems likely, as he was actively purchasing WO-related publications at this time to fill gaps in his personal book collection. There are also numerous booksellers' catalogues, a number of them marked up by DW to indicate items of interest, and a small number of miscellaneous publications dating from the same period.


The publications have been arranged chronologically.