Research file: "EB/SS 1919 to 1967"

Scope and Content

Contents of a very large box file of research notes made by DW. These notes consist of his own pencil transcripts of many original documents, principally correspondence between Siegfried Sassoon and Edmund Blunden along with related correspondence, but they also include: notes on the physical characteristics of the manuscripts; summaries of, or extracts from, documents not transcribed in full; DW's own thoughts, observations and commentary on the material; and his notes on the possible use of some of the documents [in his book, 'The posthumous life of Wilfred Owen']. In some cases there are also photocopies of the original documents themselves. All of the original archive material is held by the HRHRC at the University of Texas; DW made several research visits to the HRHRC, and dates given here indicate that most of these notes were made during his September-October 1994 visit, although there are also some later references dating from September-October 1996. DW was obviously focusing on documents with some relevance to WO and to the friends, relatives and others who had some involvement in publicizing, editing or publishing his work, and his notes are a rich source of information about this. Of course they also contain a wealth of other information about these figures, their writing, their views on each other's work and literature generally, and on current affairs of the time.


The contents of the box file have been divided into sections based on DW's own divisions, and his section titles are given below. His own classification system and index of files are also included. Within each bundle of notes, sheets are given simple running numbers.