Letter from Robert Preston, Rudly, to George Brigham, Windy Hill

Scope and Content

Letter admitting his son is connected with the incident of the broken east church window

Rudly July 4th 1833

Mr Brigham

Dr Sir

In answer to yours of last evening I must confess that certain blame is attached to my son for breaking the east window of the Chancel as he was caught in the action on Monday evening last - but as about 16 square were broke last week & some of them for some time. I think the whole blame cannot be laid on him he has been corrected and I hope he will do so no more. I think you had better put up a caution as many great boys are about the church yard and bridge every night doing mischief and no doubt have had a hand in breaking both the mill and Church windows - however as my boy was caught am willing to be half or so of the expense as you see Proper - and as it will serve me better to glaze my myself - if you think fit to give me orders to do the whole shall feel much obliged the window will cost 13 or 14 shilling shall leave it to yourself to (?) on my part

I remain sir

Yours obediently

R Preston