Declaration of Trust

Scope and Content


1. Anthony Libb, son and heir apparent of Richard Libbe of Hardwick, esq.

2. Anthony Carrew of Haslebury, Wilts, esq.

Property: messuage of Haslebury and all those inclosed grounds called Green Conigre, North Conigre, Chapel Conigre and Horse Close being enclosed with a stone wall and all that pasture ground called Miers Whereleaze, Harrors Bancke, Coomes Stanckleaze, Whitye Wood piece, Chapmans Washwells, Butchers Washwells and Priddy grounds, arable or pasture grounds called Stanckleazes, Chibleazes, Leverleaze, 5 arable grounds called White Junox, Blasers Junox, Broades Junox, 12 acres and ashacres, range of pasture and meadow ground called Foggams Westcroft, Crawleaze, Foggam meades and Crawleaze meades containing 40 acres, range of arable or pasture grounds called Danly Lease containing 38 acres; range of arable or pasture ground containing 23 acres, that range of meadow ground called Box farm meades lying behind Box farm house with the parcels of Hugh Speke in the Common fields called Box Common field, Tilequarre Common Field, Chapple Common Field, containing 260 acres, 200 of which were lately enclosed by Hugh Speke. Also Coppices called Miers Coppice, Whitewood Coppice, Dansty Coppice, Pridley Coppice, White Junox coppice, Foggams Coppice, Kingmore Wood, Hookes Coppice, Beasers Coppice, upper, middle and lower Charlewoodes, Cheinies woods, Hunts Coppice, Hall Wood containing 150 acres and also that farmhouse together with lands, meadows, pastures with lands called Pinchons, Ashbrookes, Bollens, Herminge Poole, Hunts Fininge inn and new Hermenge Poole, adjoining to Broades Herminge Poole. Also those 2 barns called parsonage barn and Budlaw parishes fields and hamlets of Haslebury and Box, Wilts.

Consideration: £2,200