Scope and Content

The posters were submitted, as examples of good design from the country in question, to the annual Modern Publicity review, and subsequently passed to Icograda. Although they cover a wide range of the constituent member countries of Icograda, not all countries are represented.


Arranged by country of origin according to the codes originally used by Icograda. However, it should be noted that posters are not present for each of the countries for whom codes exist, so there are some gaps in the numerical sequence.

ICO/3/1 Austria

ICO/3/2 Australia

ICO/3/3 Belgium

ICO/3/4 Brazil

ICO/3/6 Canada

ICO/3/8 Cuba

ICO/3/9 Czechoslovakia

ICO/3/10 Denmark

ICO/3/11 Finland

ICO/3/12 France

ICO/3/13 Germany

ICO/3/14 Great Britain

ICO/3/15 Hungary

ICO/3/16 India

ICO/3/17 Iran

ICO/3/18 Italy

ICO/3/19 Japan

ICO/3/20 Korea

ICO/3/21 Mexico

ICO/3/22 The Netherlands

ICO/3/24 Pakistan

ICO/3/25 Peru

ICO/3/26 Poland

ICO/3/27 Russia

ICO/3/28 Spain

ICO/3/29 Sweden

ICO/3/30 Switzerland

ICO/3/31 Turkey

ICO/3/32 U.S.A

ICO/3/34 Yugoslavia

ICO/3/39 Venezuela

ICO/3/40 Taiwan

ICO/3/44 Norway

ICO/3/50 Israel

ICO/3/52 Bulgaria

Archivist's Note

Amended by Sirpa Kutilainen 08/10/2012