Scope and Content

Abstracts for some of the Papers delivered at the Symposium. These are:

  • "The state of the study of Proto-Elamite" by Professor Piero Meriggi
  • "The Linguistic Situation of the 2nd Millennium B.C. in Ancient Anatolia" by Annelies Kammenhuber
  • "Hieroglyphic Hittite: Some new readings and their consequences" by J.D. Hawkins and A. Morpurgo-Davies
  • "The Study of Lydian" by Professor R. Gusmani.
  • "Minoan Linear A" by John Chadwick
  • The Decipherment of Minoan and Eteocretan" by Cyrus H. Gordon
  • "The Present State of Research on the Cypro-Minoan Syllabic Scripts - some attempts at interpretation" By Mme Emilia Masson
  • "Problems and Deceipherment of Linear A" by J.T. Hooker
  • "Archaeological Evidence for the Indus Script" by Professor B.B. Lal

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