Scope and Content

Correspondence relating to Hutton's academic and professional career, includes letters from Arthur Schuster, professor of physics at Owens College, from the early part of Hutton's career; Ernest Rutherford, when he and Hutton were colleagues at the University of Cambridge; and with Thermal Syndicate Ltd., for whom Hutton acted as consultant on the fused quartz process.


Divided into subseries as follows:

  • HUT/B/1 - Letters from Arthur Schuster
  • HUT/B/2 - Miscellaneous correspondence
  • HUT/B/3 -Correspondence re. Thermal Syndicate Ltd.
  • HUT/B/4 -Correspondence re. Elihu Thomson.
  • HUT/B/5 - Correspondence with Ernest Rutherford
  • HUT/B/6 - Correspondence on Eros statue
  • HUT/B/7 - Correspondence re. Cavendish Laboratory rebuilding
  • HUT/B/8 - W.L. Bragg correspondence
  • HUT/B/9 - J.E. Lennard Jones correspondence
  • HUT/B/10 - Correspondence re. Osborne Reynolds centenary