Scope and Content

2 Loco shed, looking from throat to shed. Mold Junction.

3 Coaling Stage, Mold Junction.

4 Station platform and loco shed from slate quay. Mold Junction.

6 Loco shed exterior from road. Mold Junction.

7 Road bridge over railway, looking from road. Mold Junction.

8 'Soldier's Point' hotel, near Holyhead.

10 'Soldier's Point' hotel, side view. Holyhead.

11 River scene. Location unknown.

12 'Soldier's Point' hotel. Holyhead.

13 'Soldier's Point' hotel. Holyhead.

14 'Soldier's Point' hotel. Holyhead.

15 'Soldier's Point' hotel. Holyhead.


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Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

2 1/4" square negatives.