Scope and Content

1 Station access, with detail, but location unknown.

2 General view of railway area, some detail, location unknown.

3 Railway water tank, road access. Location unknown.

11 Station approach, Bangor.

1 Blurred.

2 Bryncir. Houses on main road.

3 Bryncir. same houses, different angle.

5 Bryncir. House near station entrance.

6 Back of house listed above 5.

7 Bryncir. Backs of houses.

10 Caernarfon. North Road, looking to Bangor.

11 Caernarfon, view from station access looking across excursion platform.

12 Caernarfon, view of site of filling station.


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Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

2 1/4" square negatives.