European Links

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- papers re Women's International Studies Europe (WISE) foundation Conference in the Netherlands on 9-11 Nov 1990

- outline of new journal European Women's Studies Journal

- minutes of meeting of Women's Studies Network (UK) International Links sub-group on 1 Dec 1990

- letters re Eileen Green's resignation from International Links sub-group, Sep 1991

- report of Academic Study Group Women's Studies (themes and issues)(manuscript notes)

- programme for Women's Studies Tour of Israel by Maggie Humm

- letters concerning relations between Women's Studies Network and European Women's Studies Network with application form for membership for European Network for scientific and technical co-operation on Women's studies (ENWS), 1992

- European Network of Scientific and Technical Co-operation on women's studies. Proposal presented by the delegation of the Netherlands 30 Jan 1989 (with letter dated 23 Nov 1992)

- letter re future of GRACE database of women's studies courses

- Erasmus report : women's studies in Europe, Sep 1995

- report of WISE steering group meeting on 4-5 Nov 1995

- photocopy of pages from 'WISE Women's News' vol 5 no 4, 1995 on 'Follow-up to the Coimbra Conference'

- minutes of meeting of the Women's Studies Network Association Euro group on 5 Mar 1996

- papers re experts' meeting on women's studies information in Europe 'The state of the art, Mar 1996

- papers re preparation of the European Association of Women's Studies Institutions and the thematic network at Utrecht on 13-14 May 1996

- papers re conference 'Towards an Association of Institutions in Feminist education and research in Europe - AOIFE '96', 29 Nov-1 Dec 1996

- email re foundation of AOIFE ( Association of Institutions in Feminist education and research in Europe) in Dec 1996 - first step in setting up a Women's Studies Thematic Network with Socrates funding

- list of contacts of European Women's Studies, 1997

- draft of lobby letter from WISE to the EU re Women's Studies inclusion in the 5th framework


- leaflet 'European Network for Women's Studies', Council of Europe, 1990

- 'Women's Studies in the European Community. Grace project phase 1 May 1991'

- Calendar of forthcoming events, European Network for Women's Studies Quarterly, no 8, summer 1992

- 'Women's studies in Europe mailing list', European Network for Women's Studies, 1992

- 'Synthesis report: Women's Studies in Europe', Network of Interdisciplinary Women's Studies in Europe, Utrecht University, Sep 1995

- 'Women's Studies concept and reality. A research project being part of EEC action programme for equal opportunities in education. A report', Les Cahiers du Grif, Paris, 1988