Executive Committee Minutes 3

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 12 Mar 1994 to 25 Nov 1995

Particular items:

12 Mar 1994 - suggestion to respond to Sasha's publication paper

4 Jun 1994 - publications paper on question of journal; women can no longer join WISE through Network; Pergamon awards to include wording 'WSNA (UK) - WSIF (Elsevier); question re fundraising for GRACE project

8 Jul 1994 - finances for journal outlined

8 Jul 1994 - notes from council meeting on 8 Jul; questions whether other organisations can affiliate to Network such as Women in History; funding; publications; HEFCE proposal to place women's studies in the political science category

18 Jul 1994 - minutes of extraordinary meeting - meeting called to discuss proposed journal, Equal Opportunities of journal, various models for editorial team

21 Sep 1994 - questions raised re representation of ethnicity, sexuality, social class etc of officers; discussion re journal; request to amend minutes of Nov 1993 re support for work of Treasurer

2 Dec 1994 - posts of editors for journal had been advertised and concern about how equal opportunities is implemented; Elsevier award require two further members on panel; agreed that international sub-group should be dissolved; questions re Women's Studies electronic project

12 Jan 1995 - agenda only

22 Apr 1995 - need for clarification concerning relationship between the editors and the Executive; treasurer's report; European database GRACE on women's studies; equal opportunities sub-committee; need to recruit Executive members who will represent the diversity of the Network

11 Feb1995 - details of meeting of journal editors and representatives from Executive; resignation of Shirin Rai from Editorial team; resignation of co-chair, Chris Corrin; request for nominations of women for sociology panel of HEFCE; publicity sub-group should be formed to link all publications of the Network

22 Apr 1995 - agenda only; report of Standing Committee for Women and Continuing Education 1993/1994; proposed terms of reference for Women and Continuing Education Professional Network and notes of meeting for 24 Nov 1994; report of meeting of Beijing Forum / NAWO 4 Feb 1995; considerations for assessment in women's studies UACE seminar 24 Nov 1994; report on the impact of accreditation on lesbian studies by Paula Graham

23 Jun 1995 - administrative matters re journal discussed; preparations for Annual General Meeting

20 Sep 1995 - election of officers and fundraiser; report on newsletter; treasurer's report; copy of letter to Home secretary requesting public enquiry into death of Joy Gardner following attempt to deport her forcibly

25 Nov 1995 - election of officers; WISE report; report on Journal that it would not be going ahead at present; re-structuring the Executive; agreed to set up a Finances and Resources Sub-committee