Executive Committee Minutes 1

Scope and Content

Minutes date from 28 Apr 1990 to 7 Dec 1991

Particular items:

28 Apr 1990 - minutes of Council meeting: constitution being worked out satisfactory to the Charity Commissioners; draft questionnaire about women's studies courses circulated for comments; discussion on fee levels; modes of information and exchange; links with Europe; report on meeting with Womankind

23 Jun 1990 - list of European feminist networks and initiatives; list of Women's Studies council representatives and database on courses in women's studies in UK being compiled

6 Oct 1990 - new members of Steering Group; financial problems; proposal to the Charity Commission to grant charity status to the Network had been prepared; details of members of the new Executive Committee; note on subscriptions

19 Jan 1991 - problems re decision-making because structure / functions of Network unclear; - report for Steering Committee on questionnaire responses and list of institutions

16 Mar 1991 - finance report; report on group structure; clarified that Steering Group is the Executive Committee

23 Mar 1991 - minutes of Scottish-based members and letters

8 Jun 1991 - minutes of council meeting

List of executive members 1991-1992

8 Jun 1991 - treasurer/secretary's report

8 Oct 1991 - details about membership of Executive and of sub-groups; discussion of European Women's Studies Network; report on development plans - two areas of concern - students and black women's involvement; details of new publishing firm begun by women from old Women's Press; committee approved move to new bank; European database GRACE on women's studies

7 Dec 1991 - title Women's Studies Network (UK) Association used; paper re relationship of sub-groups and executive; decision on membership of the conference group reached; reports from sub-groups (international, Sage journal, publications, Scottish, Welsh, Student (minutes signed)