Women's Studies Network Journal Debates

Scope and Content

See Executive Committee minutes for 12 Mar and 4 Jun 1994; see report on publications in Annual General Meeting minutes for 1994

Consists of:

- history of discussions about a journal for the Women's Studies Network (Association) UK

- gender and education marketing 1993-1994 mailings list from Carfax Publishing Company

- rationales for Women's Studies: the Journal of the Women's Studies Network (UK) Association

- answers to questionnaire for new journal

- photocopy of draft guidelines for discussion on the relationship between Women's Studies Network and the proposed Journal of Women's Studies

- Women's Studies Network Publication strategy by Sasha Roseneil (Jan 1994)

- Response to publication strategy by Christine Zmroczek (Apr 1994)

- draft proposal for a British Journal of Women's Studies and list of issues to be resolved by the Women's Studies Network Executive

- Edinburgh University Press (EUP) draft contract and offer letter

- summary of discussion between Stevi Jackson and Jackie Jones (EUP) on 3 Jun 1994

- application for editors and associate editors of UK Journal of Women's Studies

- minutes of meeting of Women's Studies Network Executive representatives and Journal editors on 14 Jan 1995

- revised proposal and revised draft contract with Edinburgh University Press (Jun 1995)

- Publications sub-committee report to Executive on 23 Jun 1995

- letters discussing future of journal project following resignations of 4 editors (EUP withdrew from negotiations)

- leaflets for Feminist Legal Studies and Feminist Economics