Kostamneh: Ivory bracelets

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Image of 4 ivory bracelets discovering in graves at Kostamneh. Album claims the object are from site 120 K06, but note with negative claims the object come from sites 136 K06, (bottom left); 38 K06 (bottom right); and possibly 31 K06 (top right). 'K06', 'T313' and '120' are written on the negative. Handwritten notes with negative states 'T313 bracelets in various forms in ivory, excavation at Hierakonpolis, at Ensa & in Nubia' and K06 Ivory bracelets 418, slide T313 L.2.5' with outlines of the objects with site references. Album print marked '120 K06 418' and 'L.2.5'. List in album states '120 K'06 418 T313'.

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Garstang's copyright expires in 2026 (70 years after his death). The copyright of the digital images lie with the University of Liverpool.

Related Material

The rectangular bracelet is similar to the one found at 38 K06 seen in JG/K/2/2/4. The bracelet on the bottom left is similar to one discovered in site 136 K06 and can be seen in JG/K/3/1/11. A print of the negative can be found in JG/K/1/2, photo 22. A print of the image can be found in Garstang’s March 1906 excavation report from Esna (JG/4/1), labelled ‘Four large bracelets of ivory’.


Published in Garstang ‘Excavations at Hierakonpolis, at Esna, and in Nubia’ (1906), Annales du service des Antiquités de L’Égypte, Vol.VIII, pl. XI, entitled ‘Bracelets of various forms of Ivory’.

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