Meroë site 279: 'Queen Amentari and her consort'

Scope and Content

Images of a relief of Queen Amentari and her consort discovered at site 279 (Temple of Amun). Album print labelled 'Amon Temple. The Queen Amentari. The consorts names in Meroitic'. Album print marked '279 M10'.

Separated Material

Fragments of the relief are also held by the Liverpool World Museum (49.47.722, 49.47.723, 49.47-GN21).

Related Material

Another print of this image can be found in JG/M/FA/42. The Museum holds fragments of the relief (E.8649 and E.8640).


Full description can be found in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol.1, p128, find reference 279-1.

Geographical Names