Meroë site 294: Gold and bronze objects

Scope and Content

Image of 8 metal artefacts found in 2 jars discovered at site 294. The seals are reversed in these images.

Separated Material

One of the spacers is now in The Brooklyn Museum, Charles Wilbor Fund (49.29). One spacer and a ring are now in the National Museum of Sudan, Khartoum, (511/1).

Related Material

Other images of the objects can be found in JG/M/H/8 and JG/M/HA/11. The items were found in jars pictured in JG/M/H/9. The discovery of the jars can be found in JG/M/H/7 and JG/M/T/6. Two of the rings are held by the Garstang Museum (E.8039 and E.8040).Museum of Sudan.


Full description of the objects can be found in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol.1, pp160-161.

Geographical Names