Meroë site 294: Faïence objects

Scope and Content

Image of 7 small faïence objects found at site 294, including (from top left), eye amulet; statuette of Ra-Horakhty; votive sistrum with squatting divine figure on top of Naos; statuette from top of Naos from votive sistrum; poly-chrome glazed eye fragment; fragment of plaque featuring Bes; fragment of capital shaped object; fragment of broken sistrum. Album print marked 'M11'.

Conditions Governing Use

The digital image is copyright of the University of Liverpool.


Published in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol. 2, pl. 125, labelled ‘294-129 (top left). 294-130 (top centre). 294-131 (top right). 294-132 (second row left). 294-133 (bottom left). 294-134 (bottom centre). 294-135 (bottom right). Full description of the objects can be found in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol.1, p.160.

Geographical Names