Meroë site 260: 'Temple of Amon'

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Image of site 260 (Temple of Amun) during excavation taken from the enclosure wall looking east. The remains of the pylon can be seen partially uncovered in the background with the outer hall (site 269) in front, followed by the central sanctuary containing the high altar (site 261, centre left); the south sanctuary (site 264, centre); and the ‘hall of columns (site 266, centre right). The passage/corridor of site 274 can be seen on the far right. In the foreground are the sites of two ‘divine burials’ (sites 262 and 263). Note on album print states 'Temple of Amon from the West wall showing the three shrines, two divine tombs and (R) hall of columns'. Reverse of print shows locations of royal steps, pylon, altar structure and divine burial. Handwritten note with negative states 'Meroë City etc. Pl. VIII I, slide 33 M2, print D6'. Album print marked '260 M10'.


The reverse of the album print was also digitised to show the extra data recorded on it.

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Related Material

Taken from approximately the same position as JG/M/D/7-8 and JG/M/FA/50, but at an early point of the excavation. Reproduced as lantern slide 33 M2, entitled ‘Meroë. Sanctuaries from the west’.


Published in Garstang, (1911), Meroë: City of the Ethiopians, pl. VIII.1, labelled 'the high altar and hall of columns view from west’.

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