Meroë site 197: Restored Pottery

Scope and Content

Image of various pieces of restored cups with painted decoration from site 197. Album print marked 'Slide 28 M3'.

Conditions Governing Access

There is no original negative of this image. There is a 35mm negative of the album print.

Separated Material

Old box list stated that the cups on the far left and far right of the top row are in Liverpool [Museum?]. The beaker at the centre of the bottom row is now held by the Petrie Museum, University College London (UC44413).

Conditions Governing Use

The digital image is copyright of the University of Liverpool.

Related Material

Reproduced as lantern slide 28 M3, entitled 'Meroë. Meroitic painted & stamped pottery’.


Image published in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol. 2, pl. 58, labelled ‘Restored pottery from M 197. 197-i (top row second from left). 197-k (bottom left). 197-l (bottom right). 197-m (top right)’. Full description the objects can be found in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol. 1, pp 95, references 197-i, 197-k, 197-l, 197-m.

Geographical Names