Meroë site 294: Bronze Objects

Scope and Content

Image of 20 bronze objects found at site 294, including legs from a statuette; four bronze cylinders with projections; uraeus with sun disk; statuette of lion-headed goddess; plaques of different sizes featuring a sun disk flanked by cobras; and a knife blade. Album print marked '294 M11'.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Emulsion has flaked at one edge of the negative.

Separated Material

Two of the bronze cylinders are in the Petrie Museum, University College London (UC44303 and UC44304).

Conditions Governing Use

The digital image is copyright of the University of Liverpool.


Published in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol. 2, pl. 123, labelled ‘294-111a and b (top extreme left and extreme right). 294-112a, b, c, d (top row centre). 294-113 (second row left). 294-114 (second row second from left). 294-115 (second row third from left). 294-116 (second row third from right). 294-117 (second row second from right). 294-118 (second row right). 294-119 (third row extreme left). 294-120 (third row centre). 294-121 (third row second from right). 294-122 (third row right). 294-123 (bottom left). 294-124 (bottom second from left. 294-125 (bottom second from right). 294-126 (bottom right). Full description of the objects can be found in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol.1, pp.159-160.

Geographical Names