Hadji Bey Bekli (Hacıbebekli, Turkey)

Scope and Content

Images of stone featuring a carved relief of a deity discovered by Garstang whilst excavating Sakje-Geuzi (Sakçagözü, Turkey) at a settlement called Hadji Bey Bekli Keui (Hacıbebekli, south of Türkoğlu, Turkey). Garstang believed stone originated from a nearby mound known as ‘Choban Tepe’ (Çoban Hüyük).

Separated Material

The relief is now held by the Adana Archaeological Museum.


The relief is discussed in Garstang (1912), ‘A new Royal Hittite Monument from Near Marash in Northern Syria’, Liverpool Annals of Anthropology and Archaeology, Vol. IV, pp126-127.